Choosing the “Right” Job

choosingRecently I’ve been thinking about a way to combine a job where I gain more and more experience, I add certain value, learn new things and where I have a decent income, so I can easily proceed with what I’m doing now.

Since I started putting my intention into that, interesting things happened.

I got a few different job offers, all of them connected to what I am doing now. Sharing my experience and most importantly, doing it in English, as I am obviously trying to improve that part of myself in order to give more valuable content away to all the readers that visit “Another reality”.

I admit that personal freedom, in every possible way is the most important thing in my life. Continue reading 90 views

How to fix your Window 8 wi-fi connection and learn a lesson



Yesterday I’ve spent about twelve hours fixing a problem with my ultrabook wi- fi connection after upgradting Windows 8 to 8.1.

This experience really tested my ability to control all the negative toughts and emotions and at the end of the day, I was definitely a lot stronger in that manner.

Anyway, let’s go straight to the fix that worked for me as I know how eager you guys are to finally fix your wi- fi and go back to your normal lifestyle :) I know, I’ve been there. It’s a mess, especially if you work out of home using your laptop where you don’t have an internet cable to plug in. Continue reading 3730 views

A Journey Beyond Death


An excerpt from “Another reality“.

All my life I have been engaged with the thought of finding answers to the questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of existence? What will happen when I die? These questions have always accompanied me on the path when I was growing up, during childhood, teenage years, my youth years, and then when I became a man.

I used to repeat often to my lovely girlfriend, with whom I lived in a city far away from my hometown, that I have a clear sensation of contact with my Higher Self. And it turned out that I was right. I had to face death several times on different occasions, I had to experience moments of beautiful and passionate love, as well as moments of pain and self-pity, so that I can understand who I really am… Continue reading 807 views

Three Simple Rules That May Change Your Life


Rules we live by are numerous. There are some of them indeed, that are universal and if we put the though on them and implement at least a few in our lives, they have the power to change our present and thus our future.

Let’s start with three of them: Continue reading 691 views

Just dare to say “yes” to life


Are you ready to do something bold?

Are you ready to invite something new into your life?

Are you ready to break the habit?

If the answer is “yes”, you are ready to change your life!

To jump or not to jump? This is the question :) Continue reading 329 views

New Time Medicine


To find yourself between life and death, to gain an extraordinary experience and very rare sensitivity, to show the courage and will to change your life completely, to put yourself through ancient methods of cleansing and healing your body, mind and spirit. To get the insight for many of the human deepest secrets and to share them all in an open minded way. This is an inspiring enterprise. Continue reading 1417 views

Food For Thought


In everyone’s life, there comes the time when certain questions arise.

Is the world as we perceive it with our senses real? What is the nature of Reality? Is there “Another Reality”?

Well, I’ll answer the last question right away.

There is “Another reality”. It has always been here with us, inside of us. It has been ready to be noticed, realized and then used in a proper way. But why using it at all? Why should you do so? Continue reading 804 views

Like your feedback?


Universe sometimes sends us its feedback by supplying every small detail of our wishes.

That is why we carefully need to observe our thoughts and to simply realize that at some point, every one of our desires may become true.

No matter if they are “positive” or “negative”.

You’ve heard the following phrase “Be careful what you wish for!”.

It is not just a coincidental note out of somebody’s life. It’s a hint for every one of us to self observe what the mind circulates in its everyday existence. Continue reading 567 views

How to use the spiritual laws of life?


I have just hanged up the phone after a conversation with a good friend of mine. Greatly inspired and ready to write down my next blog post.

Why? Because I gave some value away by submitting a quick and useful advice. That’s what really matters to me.

The feeling is like I’ve helped myself and actually it’s just the way it is as we are all one :) Continue reading 217 views

How To Safely Clean Your Stomach And Intestines- My 30 day “Shank Prakshalana” experiment


Few months ago, I finished a 30-day experiment, cleansing my stomach and my small and large intestines. In order to do that, I used an ancient Yogi technique called “Shank Prakshalana”.

It is the only known method that cleanses at the same time all the three mentioned parts of your body at once. That means you don’t even have to do any clysters.  Continue reading 22081 views